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As our population ages, many elderly and disabled individuals are struggling with using the bathroom. Fortunately, Ukom has a solution. Our Comfort Model Toilet Lift is designed for those with mobility issues, including pregnant women and those with knee problems.

The Comfort Model Toilet Lift includes:

Deluxe Toilet Lift

Adjustable/Removable feet

Assembly instructions (assembly requires about 20 minutes.)

300 lbs user capacity

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Discover Ukom's advanced toilet lift chair, designed to provide reliable assistance when using the bathroom. With a smooth and effortless lift system, it's the perfect solution for added independence and comfort. Trusted by high-quality European nursing homes for 10 years, it's a must-have for anyone looking for top-notch assistance.


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Getting stuck on the toilet is nobody's idea of a good time. With the Ukom hi-tech toilet lift chair, you can avoid this unpleasant situation altogether. Our lifts take just 20 seconds to raise you from the toilet, giving you the perfect amount of time to get the blood flowing back to your legs. Even if your legs fall asleep while you're on the toilet, you'll be safe and sound with our chair.

The Ukom toilet lift is a perfect fit for toilets of any bowl height. It can accommodate bowl heights ranging from 14 inches (common in older toilets) up to 18 inches (typical for taller toilets). The toilet lift features adjustable legs that can be easily customized to fit any toilet. Additionally, its sleek, easy-to-clean seat has a chute design that ensures all fluids and solids go directly into the toilet bowl, making cleanup a breeze.

The toilet lift can help prevent constipation. A raised toilet seat or extra tall toilet may contribute to constipation. By providing a comfortable and lowered seat, this toilet lift helps your body function at its best, promoting better health and well-being. Our seat is 2 1/4" thick, providing a nice, low seat that can help avoid constipation and numbness in your limbs.

The toilet lift is the perfect fit for almost any bathroom. With a width of 23 7/8", it can fit into the toilet nook of even the smallest bathrooms. Most building codes require a toilet nook of at least 24" wide, and our lift is designed with that in mind.


The Ukom toilet lift is able to lift users up to 300 lbs. It has 19 1/2 inches of hip room (distance between the handles) and is as wide as most office chairs. The Ukom lift raises you 14 inches up from a seated position (measured at the rear of the seat), which puts you back on your feet safely. It takes approximately 20 seconds to go from bottom to top, which avoids light-headedness and allows limbs that may have stiffened to loosen up.

Easy to Install

Installing an Ukom toilet lift is easy! All you have to do is remove your current toilet seat and replace it with our toilet lift. The toilet lift is a little heavy, so make sure the installer can lift 50 pounds, but once in place, it's very stable and secure. The best part is that installation only takes a few minutes!
You can also watch the assembly video here.


Convenient to use

The toilet lift is the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to use the toilet. No matter where your electric outlet is located, the toilet lift will work. It includes a large battery as well as a charger plug, so you can use it without being plugged in. The battery will last for one month (30 days!) without needing to be recharged, so you'll always have a toilet lift that is ready to go. If you have an outlet nearby, you can leave the charger plugged in all the time and still have a backup if the power goes out.

The battery in the toilet lift can last a long time on a single charge. A 280 lb. patient used the lift 210 times on a single charge, and a 150 lb. patient used the lift 300 times before needing a recharge.

Product market prospect:

With the increasing severity of global aging, governments of all countries have taken corresponding measures to address the aging population, but they have achieved little effect and spent a lot of money.

According to the latest data from the European Bureau of Statistics, by the end of 2021, there will be nearly 100 million elderly people over 65 years old in the 27 countries of the European Union, which has entirely entered a "super old society." By 2050, the population over 65 years old will reach 129.8 million, accounting for 29.4% of the total population.

The 2022 data show that Germany's aging population, accounting for 22.27% of the total population, exceeds 18.57 million; Russia accounts for 15.70%, more than 22.71 million people; Brazil accounts for 9.72%, more than 20.89 million people; Italy accounts for 23.86%, more than 14.1 million people; South Korea accounts for 17.05%, more than 8.83 million people; Japan accounts for 28.87%, more than 37.11 million people.

Therefore, given this background, Ukom's lift series products are particularly important. They will have a huge market demand to meet the needs of disabled and elderly individuals for toilet use.

Our service:

Our products are now available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands and other markets! We're excited to be able to offer our products to even more people and help them lead healthier lives. Thank you for your support!

We are always looking for new partners to join us in our mission to improve the lives of seniors and provide independence. We offer distribution and agency opportunities, as well as product customization, 1 year warranty and technical support worldwide. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us!

Accessories for different types
Accessories Product Types
UC-TL-18-A1 UC-TL-18-A2 UC-TL-18-A3 UC-TL-18-A4 UC-TL-18-A5 UC-TL-18-A6
Lithium Battery    
Emergency Call Button Optional Optional
Washing and drying          
Remote Control Optional
Voice control function Optional      
Left side Button Optional  
Wider type (3.02cm extra) Optional  
Backrest Optional
Arm-rest(one pair) Optional
Roller Wheels(4 pcs) Optional
Bed Ban and rack Optional  
Cushion Optional
If need more accessories:
hand shank
(one pair, black or white)
Switch Optional
Motors(one pair) Optional
NOTE:The Remote Control and Voice control function, you just can choose one of it.
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