Toilet Lift Seat – Luxury Model

Short Description:

The electric toilet lift is the perfect way to make the toilet more comfortable and accessible for the elderly and disabled.

The UC-TL-18-A5 Features Include:

Ultra High Capacity Battery pack

Battery charger

Commode pan holding rack

Commode pan (with lid)

Adjustable/Removable feet

Assembly instructions (assembly requires about 20 minutes.)

300 lbs user capacity.

Support times for a battery full charge: >160 times

About Toilet Lift

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About Toilet Lift

The Ucom's Toilet Lift is the perfect way for those with mobility impairments to increase their independence and dignity. The compact design means it can be installed in any bathroom without taking up too much space, and the lift seat is comfortable and easy to use. This allows many users to toilet independently, giving them a greater sense of control and eliminating any embarrassment.

Product parameters

Working voltage 24V DC
Loading capacity Max 200 KG
Support times for a battery full  charge >160 times
Working life >30000 times
Battery and type Lithium
Water-proof grade IP44
Certification CE,ISO9001
Product Size 60.6*52.5*71cm
Lift height Front 58-60 cm( off ground)         Back 79.5-81.5 cm( off ground)
Lift angle 0-33°(Max)
Product Funtion Up and Down
Seat Bearing weight 200 KG (Max)
Armrest Bearing weight 100 KG (Max)
Power supply type Direct power plug supply

Main functions and Accessories


Suitable for below people


For many people with mobility issues, using the toilet can be a real challenge. That's why toilet lifts are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

A toilet lift is a device that helps people with mobility issues use the restroom.

It can be used to safely and easily get on and off the toilet, as well as to use the toilet without assistance. This can be a great solution for those who want to regain their independence and privacy when using the restroom.

Product Description

Multi-stage adjustment

Multi-stage adjustment


The mirror finishing paint easy to clean

With just a push of a button, you can easily adjust the height of the seat to meet your specific needs.

Wireless remote control can be very helpful for those who have difficulty moving around. With the push of a button, the caregiver can assist in controlling the rise and fall of the seat, making it much easier for the elderly to get in and out of the chair.

The mirror finishing paint easy to clean

Large capacity lithium battery


With remote control

The intelligent Toilet lift chair has a mirror-finished surface that is smooth and shiny. The handrails are painted with a safe and hygienic finish that is easy to clean.

More humanized design. When it is necessary to ensure personal privacy, and the user cannot use it normally, the remote control is very practical by nurses or family.


Large capacity lithium battery

The battery display function

The battery display function

A large capacity lithium battery that can support up to 160 lifts of power, once full.

The battery level display function is incredibly useful. It can help us ensure continuous use by understanding the power and timely charging.

Our service

We are excited to announce that our products are now available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands and other markets! This is a huge milestone for us, and we are grateful for the support of our customers.

We design products that help people live healthier lives, and we are passionate about making a difference. We offer distribution and agency opportunities, as well as product customization, 1 year warranty and technical support options to our customers.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our products to even more people and help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!

Accessories for different types
Accessories Product Types
UC-TL-18-A1 UC-TL-18-A2 UC-TL-18-A3 UC-TL-18-A4 UC-TL-18-A5 UC-TL-18-A6
Lithium Battery    
Emergency Call Button Optional Optional
Washing and drying          
Remote Control Optional
Voice control function Optional      
Left side Button Optional  
Wider type (3.02cm extra) Optional  
Backrest Optional
Arm-rest(one pair) Optional
Roller Wheels(4 pcs) Optional
Bed Ban and rack Optional  
Cushion Optional
If need more accessories:
hand shank
(one pair, black or white)
Switch Optional
Motors(one pair) Optional
NOTE:The Remote Control and Voice control function, you just can choose one of it.
DIY configuration products according to your needs

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