Heavy-Duty Bathroom Grab Bar in Durable Stainless Steel

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Thick tubular grab bar for stability, safety, and independence while bathing and using the toilet.

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Help the elderly, patients and those with limited mobility live independently with grab bars manufactured by our factory. With over X years of experience producing high-quality STAINLESS STEEL GRAB BARS, we understand the needs of those seeking stability, safety, and security in the bathroom.


• Large tubular design for secure gripping with either hand

• Non-slip surface and rounded edges for comfortable gripping

• Fully welded construction from thick stainless steel tubing

• Minimum bacteria growth due to the absence of joints or crevices

• Available in polished or satin finish for any bathroom decor

Our grab bars are ideally suited for

• The elderly seeking to prevent falls

• Post-operative patients during recovery

• Those with temporary or permanent mobility issues

• Individuals with disabilities seeking accessibility

Produced from heavy-gauge stainless steel tubing in our state-of-the-art factory, our grab bars are designed for longevity and low maintenance requirements. With the global population of those aged 65+ expected to double by 2050, the need for accessibility solutions is vast and growing. 

Trust our experience, and craftsmanship, and focus on durability, safety, and customer satisfaction. Our fine-quality grab bars ensure your customers' independence and dignity for years to come.


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