Versatile Electrical Lifting Moving Chair For Comfort and Care

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This Swiss-engineered electrical lifting moving chair brings comfort and independence with its versatile functionality. Designed to assist individuals with limited mobility, it offers fully adjustable height, recline, and leg positions powered by a strong yet quiet German motor. The wide structural base ensures stability during movement and its compact foldable design makes it convenient to store and transport.

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Why do we need a transfer chair?

With the growing elderly population worldwide, mobility issues are becoming more and more common. By 2050, the number of elderly people is expected to double to 1.5 billion. Around 10% of these elderly people have mobility issues. What is the most challenging part when caring for these seniors? Is it transferring them from the bed to the toilet, giving them an enjoyable bath? Or moving them into a wheelchair for an outdoor stroll?

Have you been injured while caring for your parents at home?

How to provide safe and quality home care for your parents?

Actually, solving this transferring issue is really easy. Our patient electrical lifting moving chair is designed precisely for this purpose. With an open back design, caregivers can easily move patients from the bed to the toilet or transfer patients from the bed to the shower room. The transfer chair is a simple, practical and economic care assistant that can help you transfer and lift disabled or elderly people. This rear-opening transfer chair can assist mobility-limited seniors as well as the disabled community. The electrical lifting moving chair can easily transfer patients from the bed to the bathroom or shower area without carrying the patient, without worrying about falls, ensuring safe passage.

Product Parameter

Product name Multifunctional Transposition Chair (Electric Lift Style)
Model No. ZW388
Electric drive pusher Input Voltage: 24V   Current: 5A     Power: 120W
Battery capacity 2500mAh
Power adapter 25.2V 1A
Features 1. This steel frame medical bed is solid, durable and can support up to 120 kg. It features medical-grade silent casters.

2. The removable bedpan allows for easy bathroom trips without dragging the pan and replacement is simple and quick.

3. The height is adjustable over a wide range, making this suitable for various needs.

4. It can store under a bed or sofa only 12 cm high, saving effort and providing convenience.

5. The rear opens 180 degrees for easy entry/exit while reducing lifting effort. One person can maneuver it easily, reducing nursing difficulty. The safety belt helps prevent falling.

6. The drive system uses a lead screw and chain wheel for stable, long-lasting power assistance. The four wheel brakes ensure safety and reliability.

7. The height adjusts from 41 to 60.5 cm.The entire chair is waterproof for use in toilets and showers. It moves flexibly for dining.

8. The foldable side handles can store to save space, fitting through 60 cm doors. Quick assembly.

Seat Size 48.5 * 39.5cm
Seat Height 41-60.5cm (adjustable)
Front Casters 5 Inch Fixed Casters
Real Casters 3 Inch Universal Wheels
Load-bearing 120KG
Height of Chasis 12cm
Product Size L: 83cm * W: 52.5cm * H: 83.5-103.5cm (adjustable height)
Product N.W. 28.5KG
Product G.W. 33KG
Product Package 90.5*59.5*32.5cm

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